Project Showcase: University City Library

University City Library – University City, Missouri

Established in 1939, this historic 2 story library just went through major renovations and selected G&S Acoustic products for sound absorption. On the second floor aCapella Partitions surround the opening to the staircase and blend into the artwork on display, as well as provide privacy and sound control. The ceiling in the Young Adult Fiction area has aCapella Floats in a hanging circle design. On the walls of the Treehouse story room, aCapella Scores-GamiLayers creatively fill the areas around the doors. These panels are sturdy, decorative and provide sound control. All the aCapella panels were created using the color Fog.

Treehouse Story Room

Two layers of 1/2″ aCapella Scores-GamiLayers Polyester wall panels offer good sound absorption. The design shown is aCapella School Yard with a second layer of aCapella panel in the color Fog.

Upper Level Atrium

The recycled polyester panels blend in with the rest of the artwork on display at the Library. The design chosen for these G&S Acoustics aCapella PartiTions is called Woodcut but custom designs are excepted.

Young Adult Fiction Area

The circular cut design of aCapella Float adds depth to the ceiling and creates a separate space in the library.

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