Fundamentals of Acoustical Panel Production (G&S Acoustics)

1 LU Hour – HSW

This course combines a tour of G&S Acoustics’ manufacturing plant in St. Louis, Missouri and a presentation to gain a better understanding of the components and materials used in the manufacturing of acoustical panels. Participants will review various core materials and how each changes the acoustic environment. The course also covers different fabric, finishes, and mounting for acoustical panels to the walls and ceilings.

Architectural Acoustics for Today’s Buildings (G&S Acoustics)

1 LU Hour – HSW

This course provides a refresher on the basic science of acoustics and how sound interacts with surroundings. Attendees will explore various architectural solutions, the technology behind them and how they are successfully integrated into buildings to reduce noise.

This class is also available as an on-line continuing education course for credit on AEC Daily. Click here for more information.

Clipso-AIA Class-2019Performance + Versatility = Great Design (Clipso)

1 LU Hour – HSW

This course will use technological to present a fun and educational seminar about the advantages of “stretch” ceiling and wall coverings and how they can improve the built environment with regard to Health, Safety and Welfare. In the course, we will address how performance attributes plus product versatility can equal great design! We will dive into the benefits stretch coverings deliver such as acoustical control, illumination, ecofriendliness, custom shapes, and custom print, among others.

Creative Acoustic Design (Pinta Acoustic)

1 LU/HSW Hour – HSW

Modern interior spaces often feature open areas and hard surfaces. What should be comfortable rooms in these spaces can become unpleasant from noise and echo or sound reverberation. This course discusses how melamine foam can be used to improve the sound quality in a space. The different options for melamine foam products are discussed along with their installation methods. This course also provides an overview of the sustainability features of sound-absorbing melamine foam. Ask about the in-person or online course.

Designing & Specifying Motorized Shade System

1 LU Hour

Shades can be a multi-functional item that can help: control glare, reduce inside temperature, provide a degree of daytime privacy and maintain a view outside, but it is important to identify the key goals when specifying.
Essential factors when specifying motorized shades include: making proper motor selection, electrical layout, mounting conditions and fabric selection. This course will explain the differences between the available motorized systems. Emphasis will be placed on the advantages of each system in relation to the scope of the project.

Stage Curtains: Designing a Theatre

1 LU Hour – HSW

Stage Curtains, or Soft Goods as they are also known are an important factor to bridging the real from the unreal. They complete the transition from the physical structure of the building to the world created on the stage. They must compliment the interior of the facility, as well as help create an illusion upon the stage. They accomplish this primarily by functioning as masking for areas that are not meant to be seen by the audience. There are many types of draperies that perform similar but specific tasks. Just as there are many types of curtains, each one can go by a multitude of names. To learn how to design a stage with curtains, this course provides basic understanding of stage curtain types. From there, participants will learn various solutions to design & establish the correct line sets, the science behind them and how to select the proper materials. Solutions offered cover retrofits and new construction options for stages as well as other venues. The course uses visuals and hand materials to engage participants.

KwikWall - Operable WallAcoustical Engineering & Applications of Moveable Wall Systems (Kwik-Wall)

1 LU Hour – HSW

The Kwik-Wall class will educate you in the terminology used in the movable wall industry as well as provide you with the knowledge of the acoustics and applications of movable wall systems. The course will also educate you in the basic types of the movable wall systems available

Architectural Applications for Stretch Membrane Acoustic Systems (New Mat)

1.5 LU Hour – HSW

Stretched membrane acoustic systems provide multi-functional solutions with unlimited applications. This course begins by examining the major aspects of architectural acoustics with detailed information on the quality and containment of sound, noise control, and acoustics within various environments. Attendees will then discover the many benefits of stretched membrane acoustic systems while reviewing test data, applications and case studies. A comparison of the acoustical performance between stretched membrane systems and other products in the construction industry (e.g. drywall, ACT, stretched fabric, perforated wood, acoustical panels, etc.) is presented, along with a cost comparison.


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