Project Showcase: New Madrid High School

New Madrid High School – Library

The library at New Madrid High School had a huge echo problem. G&S was challenged to turn the unpopular room into a quite refuge. After installing Melody aTiles across the whole round ceiling, and then aCapella panels, Acousti-Panel, and Acousti-Image on the walls around the room the echo disappeared. Shown are the white Melody polyester panels which are cut in pie shape type panels to give the ceiling an interesting look. The aCapella Scores-Gami polyester panels are cut to create an interesting pattern called Ellipticals and are in the color Asphalt. These panels are against the back wall of the break out room behind the TV.

Acousti-Panel (AP) and Acousti-Image (AI)

Along the top of the walls in the circular room are Acousti-Panels in the fabric Gamut Pumice. The schools mascot is an eagle which is featured on the green Acousti-Image in the entrance to the break out area.

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