Project Showcase: Office Renovation

Insurance Company’s Office – Creve Coeur, MO

Three floors at 171,000 sq ft was renovated in Creve Coeur, Missouri. This office includes an open work space, many collaboration areas, a cafe and game room. Each floor has many colors, textures and fabrics through out. Next to the cafe, “The Wall” platform seating by G&S featuring recycled polyester wrapped cushions ready for employees to converse. G&S Architectural Products manufactured the upholstery cushions for the numerous built-in areas. Fabrics used in the phone booth areas are Unika Vaev Ecoustic Felt 681 in Indigo, Filzfelt in the color Pazifik and Maharam in Mantle color Orbit.


All the Collaboration areas, Team rooms, Meeting rooms and more, at this office have G&S Acoustics’ Acousti-Tack (ATF1.125) on the walls. Fabrics shown here are Luum Heather Tech and Percept.


These three floors of office space are filled with light around all the work areas. G&S installed SWFcontract shades to control the light and reduce glare. Most of the shades installed were SWFcontract manual commercial solar shades for daylight control.

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