Project Showcase: Electrical Coop Building

Electrical Cooperative – New Corporate Headquarters Project

The lobby of Cuivre River Electrical Coop showcases two walls of GeoDesign and GeoDesign Ridge panels on either side of the customer service counter. The lobby also features some white G&S acoustical ceiling panels to tackle any sounds problems. G&S has this room covered from wall to ceiling.

The two story work/cafe area in the back of the building has a vast amount of G&S acoustical panels to solve any echo problems from the large glass windows and hard flooring.

GeoDesign Ridge

In the Electrical Coops lobby’s GeoDesign & GeoDesign Ridge panels are shown in Brushed Flannel in Medium Gray. From this off angle view you can see the 1-D and 3-D panels mixed together for a rich textured look.


The small gathering area on the second floor of the Electrical Coop has a matching simple design with big acoustical impact. (photo to right)

Acoustical Panels Surround the Room

From the simple angled design on two of the facing walls to the panels on the headers of the platform surrounding the entire second floor of the cafe the sound issues have been resolved. The fabric used on all the acoustical panels in this room is Gamut in the color Fog.

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