Free Standing Partition

V-Barrier kits are flexible free standing dividers for any room. All kits are fixed 6′ 6″ or 8’ high and come with a 16” x 14” bases, and telescoping 6′-10’ drape support.

  • SIZES: 6′ 6″ high by up to 50’ wide
  • FRAME: Metal and galvanized steel floor base
  • FINISH: Clear vinyl

Curtain Dividers

Curtain Dividers are a quick easy solution to divide any space. All curtains are available with or without a mesh top, 100% flame resistant fabric, and metal grommets at top of curtains.

  • SIZES: Any width, heights up to 9′
  • FRAME: Ceiling mounted track
  • FINISH: Solid fabric, solid or clear vinyl

Mobile Dividers
Mobile Space and Venue 3 Leg Mobile Dividers

Mobile dividers with a combination of locking and non-locking casters for easy moving and securing.

  • SIZES: 54” – 72” high x 36” – 72” wide (Venue only 60” max width)
  • FRAME: Metal
  • FINISH: Glass or white markerboard

Protective Partitions
Free Standing or Roller

Protection Partitions are designed to create instant barriers when a beautiful, fast, and durable space separation is required.

  • SIZES: Widths range from 18”, 24”, 36”, 39”, 42” depending on product selected and all are 78” high
  • FRAME: Aluminum
  • FINISH: Laminated glass on freestanding model and acrylic on Cubicle and roller models

Venue Dividers

Venue dividers separate personal space between seats and workstation clusters. Integrated textiles and perforated acoustic panels add another layer of privacy

  • SIZES: 48”, 60″ or 72” high x 36” or 48” wide
  • FRAME: Aluminum, choice of 4 colors
  • FINISH: Glass, markerboard, fabric

G&S Space Dividers Flyer